Monday [word to be determined later, perhaps beginning with “M”?]

If you haven’t already noticed, one of the things I’ll be doing here at Ziff Blog is reading each and every Washington Court of Appeals published decision and then summarizing (with varying degrees of pithiness) the civil cases.  (Sorry to all you Washington criminal practitioners, maritime practitioners, or other non-civil (uncivil?) folks, but you’ll have to get your fix elsewhere.)  I hope that, eventually, this will become your go-to spot for keeping up with Washington State developments in civil litigation case law.  But, hey, I know you’re busy.  And I know you may not want to check the blog every day.  And I know that if you check the blog maybe once a week or so, you don’t want to sift through all the posts looking for the Court of Appeals decision summaries.

Well, your worries are over!  Every Monday, starting today, I’ll have a post with all of the previous week’s “Daily Decisions” in one convenient place.  This way, you can check in with Ziff Blog on Monday and get your entire recommended weekly allowance of Court of Appeals opinions.  Of course, let’s be honest, you really should be visiting every day, but that doesn’t mean you will.

Now all we need is a name for this regular Monday post.  Monday… something-or-other.  Please put your suggestions in the comments below!  And now, without further delay:

Lake Chelan Shores Homeowners Ass’n v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. (Division 1, March 12, 2012) (previously unpublished) — on the use of expert testimony at summary judgment.

Fowler v. Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (Division 2, March 13, 2012) — on the review of Department of Retirement Systems agency action.

Nickell v. Southview Homeowners Association (Division 2, March 13, 2012) (previously unpublished) — on adverse possession and equitable estoppel.

Newlon v. Alexander (Division 3, March 15, 2012) — on the constitutional jurisdiction of the superior courts.

Levy v. Snohomish County (Division 1, January 23, 2012) (previously unpublished) — on the state’s compliance with requests under the Public Records Act.

Rice v. Offshore Systems, Inc. (Division 1, March 19, 2012) (previously unpublished) — on surviving summary judgment with evidence of pretext in an age discrimination claim.

Boeing Employees’ Credit Union v. Burns (Division 1, March 19, 2012) — on the interplay between claims under a promissory note and claims on a related deed of trust.

River House Development v. Integrus Architecture (Division 3, March 15, 2012) — on waiver of a contractual right to arbitration or mediation.

In re The Trust and Estate of Melter (Division 3, March 20, 2012) — on burden shifting and presumptions in will contests.


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