Monday Morning Mash-up!

Good morning!  Well, as you can see from the title, we have a name for Ziff Blog’s regular Monday feature:  The Monday Morning Mash-up. (Thanks to JB for the name!)  Now, usually, a mash-up takes one song and mixes it together with another song.  Like this:

But here at Ziff Blog, the Monday Morning Mash-up is going to take one song and mix it together with — the previous week’s Court of Appeals opinions!  That’s much cooler than a regular old run-of-the-mill music/music mash-up, right?

So here is this week’s song:  Oblivion by Grimes.  Enjoy!

And because last week’s mash-up was not a real music mash-up since I did not yet know that it was supposed to be a music mash-up, this week I’m adding a bonus song!  Here you go:  QueenS by Seattle’s own THEESatisfaction.  Enjoy (again)!

Okay then.  On to the law half of the law/music Monday Morning Mash-up.  Last week Ziff Blog took a look at the following Court of Appeals decisions:

Pacific Continental Bank v. Soundview 90, LLC (Division 1, March 26, 2012) — on the priority of recorded obligations that permit periodic draws over time.

Resa Raven v. Department of Social & Health Services (Division 2, March 27, 2012) — on the duties of limited guardians and abuse of a vulnerable adult.

Washburn v. City of Federal Way (Division 1, March 26, 2012) — on appellate review of the denial of summary judgment, challenges to jury instructions, and motions under CR 50.

Avellandeda v. State of Washington (Division 2, March 27, 2012) — on discretionary immunity for Department of Transportation road safety decisions.

Rawe v. Bosnar (Division 3, March 29, 2012) — on waiver of the statutory prohibition on actions by unregistered contractors.

Sloan v. Horizon Credit Union (Division 3, March 29, 2012) — on RAP 12.8 and restitution for a satisfied trial court judgment following vacatur on appeal.


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