Baseball > Legal Analysis (at least for today)

I would love to write more about the Fifth Circuit vs. President Obama, which seems to be of interest to lots of folks all over the interwebs.  (Folks from South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and England read that post!)  But today is opening day (or Opening Day, depending on how you feel about it) and tonight is my long-time league’s fantasy baseball draft. So today is a baseball day. I generally finish in the bottom half of my league, but this year I’m committed to a more average or slightly above average result. To that end, I’m actually going to spend some time this afternoon looking at players, planning a draft strategy, and all that good stuff.  Should be fun.

In more general news, things are going well here at Ziff Blog!  After two weeks the site has had over 1100 views (!!) from ten countries.  And while I know a good number of those are from friends and family, there have to be some real people out there reading the blog. (Although I have confirmed that all my views from Italy are from a friend with no real interest in Washington civil litigation.)

Thanks to everyone for checking out the blog. I appreciate it. And go Twins!


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