BREAKING: New Law Firm’s Name Will Be Some Combination of Last Names

I’ve never had the opportunity to litigate a case with or against any of the lawyers at Stafford Frey Cooper. Apparently they are pretty good. According to today’s story in the Seattle Times, it is “one of Seattle’s oldest and most prestigious law firms.”

Well, the firm had a little shake up today, as three of Stafford Frey Cooper’s twenty-two lawyers left the firm to start their own shop — Ted Buck, Anne Bremner, and Thomas Frey. I admit that I am not very plugged in to the Seattle legal or political scene, but I’m not exactly sure why three lawyers leaving a law firm warrants an eighteen-paragraph story in the Times with two bylines and an additional “contributor.”  But that’s neither here nor there.

No, the reason this story caught my eye was this scoop regarding the name of the new firm:

The firm has no name yet, though Bremner speculated it will be some combination of last names.

The headline writes itself: Law Firm Name Will Be Some Combination of Last Names.

Ziff Blog will, of course, be covering this “name” story closely. Further updates as events warrant.


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