Regarding My Tardiness…

Regular readers (reader?) might have noticed that I’m a bit behind this week. It’s Tuesday afternoon, but I’ve yet to post a Monday Morning Mash-up! Why? Well, because I’ve yet to write posts for all of last week’s Court of Appeals decisions!

There are a few reasons for that. First of all, it seems like the Courts of Appeals picked last week to grant all the orders to publish previously unpublished decisions. That takes about two minutes for them, but it creates an entirely new opinion to review and a new post to draft for me. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Okay, I’ll stop being such a baby. Also, I was hosting my cousin this weekend and showing her around Seattle, which means I wasn’t going to spend my time working while she wandered the city alone. There’s only one Ziff at Ziff Blog, so when I’m not blogging no blogging gets done. And third, well, that’s none of your business!

Anyway… I’ll be back at it tomorrow, giving you the dry workmanlike legal analysis you’ve come to expect from Ziff Blog — and maybe a YouTube video or something too.


One thought on “Regarding My Tardiness…

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