Monday (or Wednesday) Morning (or Evening) Mash-up: May 2, 2012

Hello all! As I’ve already mentioned in an excuse-laden post, I’m a bit behind here at the blog, which means that you didn’t get a Monday Morning Mash-up earlier this week. But I can adapt! I can do a Monday Morning Mash-up on Wednesday evening! That’s the sort of outside-the-box thinking Ziff Blog is all about.

Before we get to the cases, I’m sure the lack of a Monday Morning Mash-up and the shortage of earlier-in-the-week posts have gotten you depressed. I understand. So this week’s song of the week is going to be a bit depressing. Trust me, it will help you through these hard times. It’s John Henry Split My Heart by Songs: Ohia. It’s awesome.

(I have no idea what that video is about. Horses? Some sort of rodeo? I’m pretty sure it’s not the official video.)

And now, finally, our long national nightmare is over. I give you last week’s Court of Appeals opinions:

Crystal Lotus Enterprises Ltd. v. City of Shoreline (Division 1, February 21, 2012) (published April 23, 2012) — on unlawful takings and attorneys’ fees for frivolous appeals.

Lloyd vs. Allstate Insurance Company (Division 1, February 21, 2012) (published April 23, 2012) — on the valuation of cars for insurance purposes.

Magee v. Rite Aid (Division 1, January 17, 2012) (published April 23, 2012) — on the jurisdiction of the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals to decide workers’ comp issues.

Wright v. Dave Johnson Insurance Inc. (Division 2, February 22, 2012) (published April 25, 2012) — on the interpretation of contracts in light of contemporaneous oral agreements and the purposes and intents of the contracting parties.

Coballes v. Spokane County (Division 3, April 26, 2012) — on the various methods of seeking appellate review of a board/administrative decisions in the superior courts.

Morello v. Vonda (Division 2, April 24, 2012) — on the service requirements of former Mandatory Arbitration Rule 7.1.

See all those previously unpublished opinions that were published this week? Here are the parties who won those appeals and who successfully moved to get the opinions published: Dave Johnson Insurance, Department of Labor, All State Insurance, City of Shoreline. Seems like it’s always the institutional/corporate entities that get their favorable opinions published. I wrote about that phenomenon, and how it might be affecting the law in Washington, earlier this week.


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