[Tuesday] Monday [Afternoon] Morning Mash-up: May 15, 2012

Good afternoon! And what an afternoon it is. Between the lovely weather and eleven (11!) published Court of Appeals opinions last week — to say nothing of Supreme Court decisions regarding wireless termination “penalties,” vacating a death sentence, and determining parental rights in wrongful death actions — I’m a bit late with this week’s Monday Morning Mash-up. It was a busy week! But I’ll make it up to you.

In honor of the sunny warm weather, and today’s release of the album, the song of the week is The Only Place by Best Coast. It’s the first single off the new album of the same name. And sure, it’s about California. With the way things have been around here lately, however, it might as well be about Seattle. I mean, just as much as California, “when we get bored we like to sit around, sit around and stare, at the mountains, at the birds, at the ocean, at the trees. We have fun . . . ” Right?


Now, if you’re stuck in some office and can’t get outside and stare at the mountains or the birds or trees or whatever, then why not stare at last week’s Court of Appeals opinions?

The Newport Yacht Basin Ass’n of Condominium Owners v. Supreme Northwest, Inc. (Division 1, May 7, 2012) — on determining property ownership and the scope of a quitclaim deed.

Bridges Investment Group v. Radovich (Division 1, May 7, 2012) — on equitable and contractual bases for an award of attorneys’ fees.

King County Public Hospital District No. 2 v. Washington State Department of Health (Division 1, February 21, 2012) (published May 7, 2012) — on the ability of an agency to consider new evidence on appeal and in negotiations for settlement of an adjudicative proceeding.

Realm, Inc. v. City of Olympia (Division 2, March 13, 2012) (published May 8, 2012) — on the enforcement of contractual pre-suit procedural requirements.

Julie Witt v. Ronald D. Young (Division 2, May 8, 2012) — on the ability to assert a claim against an estate based on a long-term, committed, marriage-like relationship.

Ignacio Cano-Garcia v. King County (Division 2, May 8, 2012) — on the scope of “general contractor” liability for owners and supervisors of construction projects.

Arthur S. West v. Thurston County (Division 2, May 8, 2012) — on whether a county’s third-party attorneys’ invoices are subject to disclosure under the PRA.

Freedom Foundation v. Washington State Department of Transportation (Division 2, May 10, 2012) — on whether the PRA’s “other statute” exception applies to federal regulations regarding the confidentiality of drug test results.

Jorge L. Cantu v. Department of Labor & Industries (Division 3, March 27, 2012) (published May 8, 2012) — on the standards of review applicable to Department and Board decisions regarding workers’ comp decisions.

In re the Parentage of Kaleigh Lyn Ruff (Division 3, May 8, 2012) — on whether the UCCJEA’s requirements for where to bring suit in certain family law matters are jurisdictional.

Delores Weaver v. Spokane County (Division 3, May 8, 2012) — on whether the police department owes a legally recognized duty to take a drunk man into custody, where the failure to take the man into custody may have resulted in his death.


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