Monday Morning [Afternoon? Evening?] Mash-up: May 21, 2012

Well folks, another week is in the books. And what a week it was! Of course, I’m not talking about the week in the Washington Courts of Appeals; I’m talking about my week: a campaign fundraising event for Bob Ferguson for Attorney General, Tater Tot Tuesday at Zayda Buddy’s Minnesota-themed bar, a flag football victory for the Sasquatch Militia, a concert at the Tractor Tavern, some beers and 4-iron practice at the Interbay Golf Center, a decent showing in my ultimate frisbee league, a great fundraising event for One America (an organization whose mission includes “building power within immigrant communities”), and a wonderful Sunday afternoon enjoying a bloody mary or two back at Zayda Buddy’s followed by dinner at Volterra. Life is good — except, I suppose, for the Heat winning at Indiana last night. Ugh.

But enough of that. You don’t come here (if you come here at all) to hear how a person with no job spends his abundance of free time. You come here for the song of the week. And so, apropos of nothing, here it is. Belispeak by Purity Ring:

And now that you’ve gotten that you of your system, here are last week’s Court of Appeals opinions:

Silveria Lopez-Vasquez v. Department of Labor and Industries (Division 1, May 14, 2012) — on eligibility for victim compensation absent a related conviction for vehicular assault.

Reynold Quedado v. The Boeing Company (Division 1, May 14, 2012) — on the scope of an employer’s obligations pursuant to implied-in-fact and implied-in-law employment contracts.

Carol Sauter v. Houston Casualty Company (Division 1, May 14, 2012) — on whether D&O insurance covers an executive’s personal guaranty on a company obligation.

James R. Herrin v. Ellen O’Hern (Division 1, May 14, 2012) — on adverse possession, the presumption of permissive use, and the evidence necessary to survive that presumption on summary judgment.

Trinity Universal Insurance Co. v. Corrine Cook (Division 3, May 17, 2012) — on a tenant’s status as coinsured under her landlord’s fire insurance policy.

Theresa A. Roberts v. Denise H. Roberts (Division 2, May 15, 2012) — on a trustee’s breach of duty by comingling trust funds and using trust funds for her own benefit, along with the trustee’s fraudulent transfers to protect ill-gotten funds.

City of Puyallup v. Carl R. Hogan (Division 2, May 16, 2012) — on a commercial tenant’s right to a portion of a landlord’s condemnation award.


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