DOMA Is Mostly Dead…

I’ve got lots of thoughts on Windsor, obviously. But let’s start with Edith Windsor herself, who actually won the case, got her marriage recognized by the federal government, and got over $300,000 of her money returned from the IRS. Here she is, with my friend (and her lawyer) Jaren Janghorbani, as she finds out that she won her case.

Jaren and Edith

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What My Readers Want: More Posts About Shoes

I try to keep this blog focused on legal analysis, but I know what really drives pageviews–fashion! To this day, one of my most-read posts was this little blurb about a lawyer fashion show featuring “peep-toe shoes.” So I’m going back to that well one more time.

Kitten-heeled wedge

Last Friday, the Washington State Bar Association Blog posted an article entitled “Fun and Professional Shoes for Women Lawyers.” Feel free to make your views known in the comments. I think Marya’s “kitten-heeled wedge” is my favorite.

The End of Racism! (a/k/a A Lump of Coal from SCOTUS Claus!)

Well, SCOTUS Claus left us a stocking full of coal this morning in Shelby County v. Holder. I’m not going to do a full analysis of the case, since other people have already done a much better job of that than I ever could. (I’m talking about you, SCOTUSblog, and your already-posted five articles and forthcoming Shelby reaction symposium.) But here’s the short-short summary, followed by some specific questions/thoughts:

coal in stocking

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