ICYMI: King v. Burwell Panel at UW School of Law

The “upcoming” King v. Burwell event at UW School of Law is no longer upcoming. But if you missed it, here’s a brief write-up and a YouTube video of the event. It starts off with Prof. Sallie Sanford giving a practical overview of what we’re talking about when we talk about an “exchange.” Then I provide a quick summary of the relevant legal issues. Then Profs. Scott Schumacher and Kathryn Watts provide some perspective from the tax law and administrative law perspectives, respectively.

The event was meant for a general audience, so the discussion is not as in-depth as other King v. Burwell “debates” you might have seen. And it’s pretty quick; we wanted to save plenty of time for Q&A (which is not posted). But it was a fun and informative event, so give it a watch! Tell your friends! It’s better than Cats!



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