Adventures in Assigning Peer-Review Partners (Warning: Contains Math)

I like to assign peer reviews for my 1L Legal Writing class. Generally, the course’s collaboration rules don’t let students help each other with their final graded assignments. But I make an exception for in-class peer review.

Anyway, this quarter I wanted to try something different: I wanted each student to have two peer review partners, instead of just one. So at the end of the class before the peer review I randomly assigned each student two different partners. Everyone exchanged papers with their two partners and read their two partners’ papers before the next class. My plan was to then break the peer-review class into two separate periods. During the first half of class each student would meet with one partner and discuss each other’s papers. And then during the second half of class each student would meet with the other partner and discuss each other’s papers.

The idea was that everyone would be discussing papers during the entire class, and no student would need to meet with their partner after class. Nice and easy! But perhaps you can see the problem. I’d like to think I would have seen it if I’d thought about it for a second. Oh well.  Continue reading